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Mother's slippers

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You might be heading out this weekend to shop for Mother’s Day, and a lot of people have no idea what to get mom.

I don’t understand this problem.

You should know your Mom.

Does she garden?

What is her favorite flower?

What is her favorite food?

What kind of perfume does she like?

Does she wear t-shirts, or blouses?

What size does she wear?

Does she golf? We always need balls and new hand towels.

Is she into organic cooking? Nutrition and health? Would she like a magazine subscription on her favorite topic? Maybe a subscription to Sane SuperWoman Club 😉  

And here’s a biggie – what would she like to have that she may not buy for herself? Or is there something she would like to have, but keeps putting off buying because its not a necessity?

Millions of dollars are wasted every year buying gifts that Mom doesn’t like and will never use. She’ll never really tell you that because she appreciates the fact that you tried to make her happy, but she wishes that you had really listened to her and at least got something she would use.

Has your Mom made a comment like these?

I could use a new pair of __________.

I would like to get one of those some day.

I would like to get some ___________, but I just can’t afford it right now.

If my daughter was paying attention, she would know that I would like –

A cool new lily for the garden.

One of those new raised garden beds.

A six inch, or eight inch pan that is not teflon coated.

My body spray that I’m almost out of.

Bath Towels

A blueberry bush. I’ve been talking about getting one for years.

Heck, I could use dirt and mulch.

And gee, none of these things are expensive.

Everyone gives clues if you just listen. My neighbor and I were looking through a catalog. There was one wreath that she liked. She said, “That would look good in my bathroom.” Hmmm, make a note of that!

So before you go out and buy yet another candle – think about recent conversations with Mom. I’ll bet she has talked about something she would like to get. And she’ll be even happier that you actually listened to her!

What has your Mom talked about wanting? 




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