Better to be sick and tired than sick and dead…

Yes, we’re sick and tired of being stuck at home…

Of not being able to go anywhere…

Of not being able to see family and friends…

Of wearing masks…

Yep, its all getting pretty old.

After all, they don’t close the country down over the flu…

Here’s some food for thought –

The CDC estimates that there were 39-56 million cases of flu this last season. It is an unreported illness so they have some system for coming up with these estimates.

There are only 2.23 million cases of covid 19.

There were 24 – 62 thousand deaths due to flu.

There are 120 thousand deaths due to covid 19.

If the theory that covid 19 was created in a germ warfare lab turns out to be true, this is meant to be a killing machine.

Oh, and how about that second surge in fall?

This virus is not acting anything like flu. Consider the fact that the new explosions are in Florida, Texas, and Arizona. All hot states. And all states where they have poo-pood the recommendations.

Cases are up in Kenosha, WI, and Indiana where the Illinois people are flocking to get out.

Bejing is closed down again due to a new outbreak.

So yes, we are sick and tired of the whole thing.

Yes, it sucks.

Regardless, we still need to wear our masks in public places, practice social distancing, and stay away from large crowds. Oh, and wash out hands and not touch our face.

Remember that it only takes one person to spur an outbreak.

It is what it is. Stay safe.

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