Boy do I feel dumb – I’ve thrown away so many coffeemakers

morning-coffeeI go through a a year. Now I’m finding out that I probably didn’t have to.

It turns out that I have been cleaning my coffeemakers wrong. Boy, I feel really dumb!

I would put the vinegar and water through the brewing cycle. Then I would run 2 pots of clear water through to rinse.

I had noticed that my coffeemaker has been getting slower lately, and the last couple of day it was making weird noises. Last night I thought sure it was going to die.

Coincidentally, I got an email from a health newsletter talking about mold in your coffeemaker. Gross!

But it said that you should put the water and vinegar in and run it halfway. Then turn it off and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then turn it back on and let it finish running. Then run the 2 pots of water to rinse.

I was missing that 30 minute part. And let me tell you – you should have seen the gunk that came out. So, it took an hour by the time you’re done, but my pot seems to be working fine today.


Did you know this?

(This is the pot I bought my daughter for Christmas. She loves it.)

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