Getting out of the funk…

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Covid restrictions, snow, ice, bitter cold… it can be hard to give a shit about much of anything.

Here are some tips that will help you break out of the funk.

Get dressed.

Full out. Real clothes, hair, makeup. When you look good, you feel good. And when you’re ready for anything, you’re more likely to run those errands, or hop on camera, or …

The days when I don’t put on my makeup, I’m not nearly as productive as I should be. Weird, right? Try it. You’ll see.


A body in motion stays in motion.

Your body is a use it or lose it asset. The more you sit around, the weaker it gets.

Do some stretches. Here are some stretches you can do before you even get out of bed.

Walk in place to some upbeat music. You can even find some walk in place videos on YouTube.

Dance. Yoga. Vacuum…

Eat energizing foods.

Have you ever noticed how lethargic you feel after a fast food meal of burger and fries? Ugh, right? Try a steak, chicken breast or fish with a big salad instead. Feel the difference!

Do Something!

Take a post it note and write down 3 small things you will accomplish today. Things like –

Make a call…

Run to the store…

Clean one thing…

Humans are wired to accomplish. You feel so much better when you’ve done something.

Don’t you feel great when the house is clean?

Or when you’ve worked out?

Or you’ve finished a project?

Do you feel good when you’ve wasted the day? Of course not! You hate yourself, right? I’ve had enough of that! Haven’t you?

Do something nice for someone.

Call and talk.

Send a card.

Shovel their walk.

Make them a dinner, or cookies…

You’ll make them feel good, and you’ll feel good.

Once you make a move, its easier to stay moving. Its making that first move that’s the hardest, right? Yeah, its been rough.

We’ve got another couple weeks of the coldest weather.

In that couple of weeks, how much of your spring cleaning could you have done? How many new recipes could you have tried? How many times could you have worked out?

I know we have put our lives on hold for what feels like a long time now, but it won’t be forever. Let’s get prepared to live again!

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