Spring Clean Your Kitchen – week 2

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Spring Clean Your Kitchen

We’re working on getting your kitchen spring cleaned and easy to maintain.

You’re doing great!

OK, on to week 2…

    • Keep up the routines from last week. They take less time when you keep up with them.
    • Now, every night, wipe out one cabinet or drawer.
    • Restack and organize the contents.
    • Stack pans and lids by size. Use a stacker or put a paper towel in between fry pans to protect their surfaces.

  • Sort through plastic containers. Again, stack by size. If pieces are mismatched, throw them away or recycle them. You won’t use them and they are just taking up valuable space.
  • If you’re like me, you save disposable plastic containers for sending food home with people during the holidays. Keep those in a box in the laundry room or garage. When that box is full, don’t save anymore!
  • Plastic Containers
  • Go through the pantry and fridge. Throw out all expired food and wipe down shelves. Consider investing in some organizers to keep everything neat and easy to get to.
  • If you have wood finish cabinets and they are clean now, finish up with a coat of lemon oil. Make sure they are clean first or you will be sealing in the dirt. Not too heavy though. You don’t want new dust sticking to the oil.

Now, here’s the secret –

Keep up your good habits. Wipe the kitchen down every night. Put pans and plastic containers back where they go. Don’t just throw them in the cabinet. A few seconds now saves you hours later!

Doesn’t your clean kitchen feel good?

Want to get your whole house this clean?

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