Step back, take a breath

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Christmas lights

I was talking to a friend today and she was starting to freak out.

“I have to clean the house. I haven’t gotten the tree or decorated, or gotten any presents, and I have to bake and figure out what I’m having for dinner, and …”

I told her to take a step back. Don’t look at the whole ball of yarn.

Finish one thing every day. It will all get done.

Often times we look at the big picture and get all overwhelmed and stressed.

If we would just look at the next thing we need to do, and just do it – it all comes together.

I got together with another friend yesterday. It was our little Christmas get together.

She has no Christmas spirit this year.

One of her complaints is that she can’t get motivated.

She wants to send out Christmas cards. She bought the cards.

But when it comes to sitting down and writing them…

I told her to do a few a day.

She says, “Oh, when I get going, I’ll get them all done in no time.”

I said, “That’s obviously not happening. Plan to do a few a day. If you keep going, great. If not, at least you made progress.”

We can’t do much. She is older and not in great health. There is a show we would both love to see, but we have to worry about crowds and covid. Then there’s the drive, and parking, and getting thru the crowds to seats, and hopefully not getting shot on the highway. Its out of the question this year.

I talked to her today. It seems her Christmas spirit is growing. Her grandson will be home from college and she’s planning on making some of his favorite things. I wonder if she’ll do the cards…

And then there’s me.

I’m struggling with Christmas spirit myself. I am going thru the motions. My little tree is up. I have done some shopping online.

Covid has taken any joy out of going to the mall, or eating out.

I’m invited to a Christmas Eve get together, however they are anti vaxxers.

My daughter had covid, and has not gotten her vaccination. Her husband and his family are anti vaxxers.

I’ve recently survived colon cancer and I have COPD. Do I take my chances, or do I sit home alone?

I know the right thing to do, and it breaks my heart. Doing what’s right isn’t always easy.

Wow. This certainly went in a different direction. There’s a lot to think about this year.

As bad as we would like to pretend that things are back to normal – they’re not.

Its better to plan to be safe and hopefully have many more holidays in the future.

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