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Falling asleep at the computer

You know, I’ve been telling you to use this time to get your life in order, or to improve your career skills, or plant a garden, or… because this home time is not going to last forever. Its already starting to come to a close.

Well, I’ve been taking my own medicine. I’ve dedicated this month to working on all those pesky tech issues that I’ve put off because they are hard for me. I knew it would involve some rabbit holes, but holy cow! Yesterday was certainly the day for that. I had 2 things I wanted to accomplish. After searching for answers and trying hundreds of things, I accomplished one. Sigh…

But I’ve also made a lot of headway working through learning how to use many of the software updates that I have ignored until doing it the old way no longer works. I would still be working in Windows 3 if I wasn’t forced to learn the new versions. The software to run this blog has totally changed over the years. Oh, and there are a million little settings to deal with between the blog and the members area. And new laws to contend with.

This is my first post using the new version of the software. I’m still trying to figure everything out.

I’ve got 10 days left, and 3 major things on my list. Sheesh! But it will feel so good to have it done!

And I only blew the site up once this month! Those of you who have been with me a long time might remember I did that fairly often. Sane SuperWoman Club was demolished and I had to start over. It was about 1500 pages. Its now back to about 1000.

There is still cooking and cleaning, and insurance issues, and people needing help, and whatever else comes up.

I really feel for those who are working at home with kids to home school! Is that you? I worked at home the first five years of my daughter’s life.

Here’s the thing –

I’m not sitting in some ivory tower doling out advice. I’m taking my own advice. As my friend used to say, “physician, heal thyself” Yep, I’ve got plenty to work on improving.

The other thing is, everything you accomplish during this time will make your life better in the long run. That is especially true if you’ve gotten your house in order, you’ve established your cleaning routine, and you’re mastering fast dinners from scratch. Plus, you’ll be thinner, healthier, and save a ton of money.

I hope you’ve been working your way through the articles, courses, and recipes in the member’s area to help you master all of that while we’re still stuck at home. It’s the perfect time to develop good habits.

You might have missed Nothing to look forward to? In it I talk about getting ready for when things start returning to some sort of normal.

You will have backyard barbecues soon! Is the yard ready?

We’ll be in shorts and bathing suits soon. Is your body ready?

You don’t want to be kicking yourself down the road for wasting the gift of time at home we had.

How are you using this time?

I hope you are doing well. Let me know if I can do anything for you.

Members – while I’m deep into this – let me know if there is anything in the member’s area that you find annoying or things that could be better.

And if I hear “during this challenging time…” one more time, I’m going to scream. I swear, everyone is using the same ad writer! I know, that had nothing to do with anything…random thought.

Talk soon!


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