Thanksgiving Planner – Final Weekend B4

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OK, lets recap what you should have done by the end of this weekend in order to have a saner Thanksgiving Dinner…

House cleaned

Extra provisions for guests, just in case

First aid kit

Tums, Pepto, Tylenol…

Non-perishables purchased

Turkey purchased – Start thawing in fridge Sunday night.

Extra points for having the good dishes and silverware cleaned. 🙂

If you missed the specific details for any of the above, you can find the planners, meal planning and shopping lists in these posts –

Thanksgiving Planner – Week 2

Thanksgiving Planner – week 1

My holiday recipes are here –

You can pick up the entire planner below as a PDF that you can print out and have on hand.

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Dance Thru Thanksgiving


How to pull off a great Thanksgiving without killing yourself, even if you work full time. Get the full plan and start now so you can have a more relaxed holiday.

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