This is crunch time to me!

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This is the time of year when we’re caught between getting the outdoor work done before the snow flies, and getting ready for the holidays.

I hope you are in an area that is getting decent weather this weekend to finish up outdoors… clearing the gardens, raking leaves, checking caulk and weather stripping, washing windows.

You don’t want to go thru winter looking thru dirty windows!

Really. That is depressing. Its amazing what a difference clean windows makes on your psyche.

Em and I are going to be baking pumpkin bread. I thought 4 loaves was ambitious Now I need 6 by Thanksgiving. Everyone wants it!

Members- login to find the fall chores check list, and the pumpkin bread recipe. Oh, and the Thanksgiving prep articles…

Oh my goodness, there is a lot to do, isn’t there?

At least we get an extra hour this week. Don’t forget to turn those clocks back!

Have a great weekend! Or should I say, have a productive weekend?

Hey, it feels good when its done.

We got this!

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