1st Round Spring Cleaning Checklist

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cleaning ceiling fan

Spring Cleaning is the time when you do all of the heavy work that you normally would not do during regular house cleaning. While its still a little early to do some spring cleaning tasks, you can knock quite a few items off your to-do list in spare minutes here and there.

Start with a cobweb check and take a good look at each room. Pick the projects that you need to tackle first..

Washing Ceilings and Walls

Definitely not one of my favorite things to do. I really put it off until I can’t stand it anymore.

Then I just do a little at a time. If I decided to wash the ceiling, I figure that’s enough for one stint. I often wash one wall at a time.

Eventually its done. It wouldn’t get done at all if I waited until I have the time and motivation to do it all at once.

I’ve been using Mr. Clean for this task lately.

Magic Erasers are good for removing heavy spots, but be aware that they will remove glossy finishes also. I’ve had that happen to an eggshell finish, and a rangehood. You’ve been warned…

Check Vent Covers

Dust and clean the vent covers. I use the feather duster on them regularly. If they need more, try the brush attachment on your vacuum. If they really need it, taken them off and clean them.

Next favorite is ceiling fans

Not only do they look bad, but when you turn them on they spew that dust and dirt all over the room.

I’ll never forget one time I was at a neighbor’s house for coffee. I glanced up at the ceiling fan, and so did she. There was ‘stuff’ hanging from it. I know she was embarrassed. The next time I was over, it was cleaned. Don’t forget the housing.

You might not think so, but you can see it from down below.

Light Fixtures

Don’t forget the regular light fixtures. Take the covers off, empty out the bugs and wash.

Remember – do not touch a hot bulb with a wet rag. It will explode.

Next comes the window and door frames.

Yeah, when’s the last time you did that?

Now do the doors.

Wash curtains

You can use your brush attachment on your vacuum to dust your blinds.

Now, the shelves…

Take everything off the shelves, clean it, clean the shelf, put everything back. I usually do a section at a time. To me it looks stupid to have one dirty shelf. There is a house that I visit once in a while, and they have this one shelf that drives me crazy. I don’t know if their cleaning service rotates shelves and just hasn’t gotten to this one in a while… a long while… but it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Tops of Shelving Units and Cabinets

Um, when’s the last time you climbed up and looked up there? ’nuff said…

Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

You should be taking care of the outside of the cabinets during your regular cleaning. I sort of tackle this job throughout the year. I’ll do one drawer or shelf here and there.


Dust off. Wash as needed. Really get those corners!


Vacuum the furniture, mattresses, behind the furniture, under the beds, under the appliances in the kitchen.

Why vacuum the mattresses?

If you’ve ever had a Kirby demonstration done at your house, you’ve seen why you want to vacuum your mattresses. ICK! All that dust, and those dust mites, and dead skin… It will help allergies a whole lot when you vacuum your mattresses.

Silk Plants

I regularly feather dust the silk plants, but during spring cleaning I take them and give them a bath. Make sure to let them completely dry before putting them back on your furniture.

Transplanting House Plants

Thin, trim, add fresh dirt or re-pot. Maybe get some pretty new pots while you’re at it!

Pictures and Figurines

These should be taken care of during your regular cleanings. But if you’ve let it slide, time to take care of it.

Don’t forget the inside of vases and utensil holders.

Its a little early to clean carpets and windows. I usually wait until mud season is over to clean the carpets. I wait until its warm enough to be outside in a t-shirt to fully take apart and clean the windows and vacuum and clean the screens.

Oh, and fireplaces. Too early.

If you are a once and done kind of person, more power to you!

Most of us look at the whole job, get overwhelmed just thinking about it, and put it off. If you break it down into easy to accomplish little tasks, it will be done. Work smarter, not harder!

Now, how to easily keep the house this clean all the time?

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