Start spring cleaning since you’re stuck in the house anyway

Take aim at the spring to do list

Call me optimistic, but its time to start thinking spring!

This is the perfect time to start getting things done while its still too cold to be outside much.

The perfect jobs for this time of year are –

_____ Clean all nick-nacks

_____ Deep clean all shelves, tables, legs…

_____ If you have open space above your cabinets, clean up there.

_____ Thoroughly vacuum all furniture

_____ Vacuum under and behind all furniture

_____ Clean behind stove and fridge

_____ Wipe all door frames

_____ Wash all doors

_____ Clean out light fixtures.

Many of us are bracing for the next blizzard. Looks like we’ll be indoors a lot over the next few weeks. Pick out some new recipes to try, and put a dent in that spring cleaning. You will be so happy that you got this stuff done once the weather breaks.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to be outdoors without 20 layers on!

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