Covid Continues to Break Hearts

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Will it ever end?

It is so sad to watch people getting sick, and even worse to hear about the people who have chosen not to get vaccinated who have died recently. Many of them had changed their mind and intended to get vaccinated, but they waited too long.

  • The teacher in Homewood
  • The 29 year old Bride to be
  • The pregnant mother who is still fighting for her life

There is a local auto repair shop where the family were anti-vaxers. Both of them and their wives are now sick. The business is closed. Not only are they very sick, but they also have no income.

It makes me want to scream!

I am I guess an anti-vaxer when it comes to the menu of vaccines at the local drug store. I haven’t gotten a flu vaccine since the 1970s when the Russian Flu was going around, and I got it anyway.

But this is different.

For one, these vaccines have proven to be more effective than flu shots.

And this is killing way more people than any flu. Covid has now killed 1 in every 500 Americans. Think about that.

I have a couple of friends that refuse to get vaccinated. And they all parrot the same BS. I want to shake them and tell them “You sound stupid.”

And this whole fight over kids and masks! What the heck? Why on earth would you not want your kid to wear a mask? Are they really willing to play roulette with their kid’s life?

I don’t get it.

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I’m big on preventing disease – preferably naturally. In this case, the only way to do that is to get vaccinated, wear your mask indoors and in crowds, and do your best to stay away from the belligerents.

They don’t seem to understand (or care) that they are allowing the virus to spread and mutate. The virus needs us in order to survive. If we don’t give it anywhere to grow, it dies.

It is so sad to see people dying that didn’t have to.

My friend pointed out that people die from flu and pneumonia. That is true. I will always live with the guilt of killing my grandfather when I got pneumonia and passed it through the family.

OK, OK, I didn’t know I had pneumonia at the time, but I knew I didn’t feel good and I should have been more careful.

The point is – you can’t undo it.

And also take into consideration – if this truly was lab created, then it was designed to kill. It used to be called germ warfare.

And as far as the argument that the government is taking away your rights – I guess you have the right to gamble with your own life. But you do not have the right to gamble with the lives of your family, friends, kids, community, co-workers, or anyone else you come in contact with.

We don’t have the right to drink and drive for the same reason, right?

I’m tired, frustrated, angry, and heartbroken. I want it to go away!

I’m sure you’re feeling the same way.

It stinks to feel so powerless. To have to sit and let things play out.

All we can do is do our best to keep our lives together.

Arguing with your family and friends only escalates. The best you can do is lead by example.

“As for you, brothers, do not grow weary in doing good. So, don’t lose heart, don’t give in or give up, don’t grow weary or be fainthearted.” – Thessalonians 3:13

Stay strong!

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2 thoughts on “Covid Continues to Break Hearts

  1. Scotsgal

    I agree with you wholeheartedly Carole. So many families have been touched by this virus. ..We ask ourselves will it ever go away ? I think we will have to learn to deal with it. It’s a wise move to follow the guidelines in order to protect ourselves and others.

    1. Carole Post author

      Hi Fiona,

      After having suffered thru it, you have a different perspective. I wish people would realize just how awful it is without having to get it to understand. I hope you are doing well!


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