September is The Month of Transition

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Fall is here

Can you believe its September?

That means its time to put aside our summer state of mind and get back in the groove – quickly!

The first few weeks are always a challenge, aren’t they? And with the cloud of uncertainty hanging above us, we aren’t sure what to plan for.

  • Will school stay open?
  • Will you have to go into the office?
  • Will we be able to celebrate the holidays?

For a planaholic, this stinks.

But I do have some easy habits that will help keep your head above water – no matter what life throws at us…

1. Clean the kitchen every night so you get up to a positive environment in the morning.

2. Plan your tomorrow, including taking something out for dinner.

3. As part of your plan, include any appointments, calls, etc. Make a handwritten list of 3 things to accomplish each day. For most of us, this will be work related.

As you complete each one, zealously cross it off.

I know it sounds strange, but it works. Handwriting sends a more important signal to the brain.

With only 3 items on the list, you’ll be more likely to complete them without overwhelm, and the crossing it off the list signals accomplishment and reward.

You’ll be able to make more progress in less time.

Don’t roll your eyes until you try it.

4. Treat meals like a treat – make delicious and healthy food. Give yourself something to look forward to. You’ll have more energy and feel better. Poor diets contribute to depression, brain fog, weight gain, health problems… We need a clear mind and lots of energy! Members, login and find a new easy recipe to try.

5. Stay hydrated. Picture your brain and organs like dried out sponges. They don’t work well until you give them water.

6. Get outdoors, take a walk. You might start making some friends along the way.

7. Keep a regular sleep schedule.

6. Buy yourself flowers once in a while to brighten up the place and lighten your mood.

8. Do your best to stick with routines. They will help you keep your sanity.

These are really simple things and when you do them consistently you’ll find that its easier to keep your life on track.

There’s a lot to think about the next couple of months – fall clean up, preparing for winter, and the holidays… See what our members are working on this month…

Chicken with Zucchini and Tomatoes

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