Getting back into good habits

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Daily habits make life easier

School is starting soon. We’re going to have to get used to schedules again.

If you don’t have school aged kids at home, you have a couple more weeks to milk the summer state of mind, but you’ll need to get back to business soon.

Getting back into our good habits will make life so much easier!

The first thing we all need to do is get back to a proper sleeping schedule. The days are getting shorter, so that makes it a little easier.

Set a time to start shutting down. You should have a nightly routine that signals its time to end the day. For example –

  • Shut down electronics.
  • I make sure my kitchen is clean and the coffee set up.
  • I take a warm shower and wipe down the bath on my way out.
  • Then you have your quiet time to pray, meditate, journal… No screens!
  • Lights out.

Set up routines for your kids. For example –

  • Homework done?
  • Clean up
  • Bath
  • Reading
  • Lights out

There should not be tvs in bedrooms in my opinion. Bedrooms in old houses were small because bedrooms are for sleeping. We’ve had a tremendous increase in sleep problems since our bedrooms became multi-purpose.

My daughter thought I was such a mean mom. Now she gets it!

So why do I clean the kitchen and bath nightly?

How you start your day sets the tone for your day.

Walking into a clean bath and brushing your teeth feels better than walking into a war zone.

Same thing goes for the kitchen. Everything is clean. You grab your cup of coffee and sit down to go over our plan for the day.

Plus, by getting in this habit you will have shaved a couple hours off your house cleaning. Doing it daily only takes minutes.

Don’t forget to plan this…

Make sure dinner is planned and something taken out of the freezer. We’re more likely to make dinner if we already have something thawed. This one little habit will save you time and money, and you’ll lose weight!

One more important habit!

Put things away, right away.

That means papers, mail, groceries, dishes, laundry…

I fail on the paper and mail piles. Its been a long standing joke. My whole house will be clean, but there’s this one spot… mail, magazines I’m reading, articles I intend to write, … That’s why they invented roll top desks, isn’t it? I should get one. A BIG one!

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