Fast house spruce up

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Dining RoomCompany is on its way, and you haven’t had time to do a final clean up.

Here are a few things you can do quickly to make your home look OK fast –

Pick up. Hang up clothes, or put dirty clothes into a hamper. Make a note to yourself that you should be putting things in their place in the first place…

I always have a box handy to throw all the papers in.

Do a quick feather dusting in the main areas.

Do a quick toilet clean and wipe down the sink and mirror.

Do a quick vacuum in the main areas.

Dazzle them with your sparkling personality and good food. They really won’t notice as much as you think they will.


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    2 thoughts on “Fast house spruce up

    1. Scotsgal

      Thank you Carole for all your wonderful tips for getting our homes spruced up for guests and the simple guidelines on the time plan for cooking the turkey to be sure that everything’s ready at the right time. I really appreciated the articles you’ve been sending out over the past week or two.
      Happy Thanksgiving!


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