Sweet Potatoes with Toasted Marshmallows

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camera 147This is an old time family favorite. My grandmother used to make it for the holidays. The surprising thing about this dish is the simplicity of the ingredients. Its much lighter and less sweet than the sweet potatoes swimming in brown sugar and butter.

Really, its just mashed sweet potatoes with toasted marshmallows on top..

You need –

Sweet potatoes




Peel, cube, boil sweet potatoes. When they are very tender, drain. Add butter and just a little milk to make mashed potatoes.

Whip sweet potatoes until creamy.

Put sweet potatoes into a casserole dish that leaves an inch from the sweet potatoes to the top edge.

About 15 minutes before dinner is to be served- reheat sweet potatoes in microwave.

Place Marshmallows on top of the sweet potatoes, covering them entirely.

Place in oven until marshmallows are puffy and starting to brown lightly on top. Dish will be extremely hot. Place on hot pad and serve right from casserole dish.

I find that one large sweet potato for every 3 people is about right.

You can put this dish together and set aside until the last 15 minutes before servingdinner. Usually when you would put in the rolls. This dish can be cooked anywherefrom 350 – 450 degrees, depending on what else you are cooking. Just watch themarshmallows. When they start to puff out over the top of the dish, you need to takeit out.

My grandmother used to put raisins and chopped pecans in this dish. We finally got her to stop! Some people put in pumpkin pie spice. In actuality, most people prefer it plain.

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