How to Avoid Holiday Burnout

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The holidays are especially frenzied for working women. We often feel like we’re stretched too thin on a normal day. Now add decorating, baking, holiday dinners, gift shopping, extra events, and on, and on…

As a member, you already know these survival principles, but lets do a refresher…

Always have a plan.

Its important to have a plan every day, but its even more important during busy times.

Plan easier meals. Always have something planned for dinner so you’re not always hitting carry out. Its expensive, fattening, and will leave you with no energy.

Stick with routines as much as possible. It will keep you sane.

Do things right away. So often people think they’re avoiding work by putting things off. The only thing that happens is things that were easy turn into something harder that will take more time.

I clean the kitchen every night. This way it doesn’t turn into a cleaning marathon trying to scrub burnt on mess off the stove. It takes a few minutes, and save hours.

I wipe the bathroom down every night for the same reasons. I rarely have to scrub the bathroom, even though I have unfiltered well water.

When you do laundry, do it all the way thru and put it away – for the same reasons. It will save you time in the long run. Not to mention that your clothes will look better.

Eat healthier. It will keep you healthier, and you’ll have more energy. Sugar and fat leave us feeling lethargic. Yes, we’re going to have plenty of that over the next month, but even it out with more healthy foods.

Eat treats in moderation. 2 cookies or candies. A small piece of cake. This way you don’t have to feel derived, but you don’t over do it either.

Drink plenty of water. This is a dry time of year. old dry air outdoors, and extremely dry air indoors.

Remember that your body is primarily water. Your organs and your brain need plenty of hydration to work right.

Get enough sleep. I know you think that you’re going to get more done if you just push yourself. Its not true. We are not very productive when we’re tired.

These are basic principles that will keep your life on track all of the time, but they’re especially important during the busy holiday season.

I’ve given you my plans for getting Thanksgiving dinner on the table and still having the energy to enjoy it. I hope they’ve been helpful.

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