Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Spring Cleaning is the time when we do the things we ignore the rest of the year, right?

Here’s a list to make sure you’ve hit everything…

_____ Wash silk plants

_____ Wash blinds and window treatments

_____ Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans

_____ Clean windows

_____ Get rid of clothes and toys that are not used. Give them to charity, someone else can use them.

_____ Vacuum furniture, and under and behind

_____ Clean carpets.

_____ Do any floor treatments for your type of tile floors. Clean behind stove and refrigerator too.

_____ Clean upper shelves, and above kitchen cabinets if that is an open area.

_____ Clean inside cabinets and drawers, fridge, and oven

I usually wash the walls in one room each year.

My secret for getting all of this done is to do one thing whenever I have a few spare minutes. I might clean one ceiling fan or one drawer. Got a cold rainy day? Do a bigger task like maybe washing the curtains, or clean the carpets on one floor. Plug away a little at a time and it all will get done.

A lot of people leave cleaning carpets until you can open the windows. I used to. Then my neighbor said she likes to do it while the heat is still on. It dries faster. Duh! We all can learn new things, right?

And if you want to keep your whole house clean all year long 

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