Why I am so obsessed with a clean house…

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A lot of people think I’m way over the top when it comes to a clean house. I have quite a few reasons why this is so important to me –

I was raised by slobs

Our home was filthy. The kitchen was covered in dust stuck on grease. Everything was sticky and gross.

The grout in the bathroom was black. While the tub itself was clean, the wall was gross.

There was so much clutter that the house looked like an episode of hoarders.OK, not quite that bad, but it felt like it.

I was always so disgusted and embarrassed. I didn’t want my friends to see how we lived. I started trying to clean it myself. I vowed that MY house would never be dirty!

people judge youPeople judge you

Back when I was growing up, the popular term for people who lived like slobs was ‘trailer trash.’ You were scum. Lower than trash.

In today’s world, that is not politically correct, right? OK, maybe people don’t come out and say it, but do you think they don’t think it?

Think about the last time you visited a dirty house –

Did you want to eat anything there?

Did you even want to go to the bathroom there?

Did it make you uncomfortable to be there?

you judge youYou judge you

Ask any woman who has a messy house how she feels about it. Unless you are a really close friend, most women will launch into a list of reasons why it looks that way, but they won’t tell you how they really feel about it.

If they are close, you’ll here things like –

“I hate it. I can’t stand living in this mess.”

“I’m so tired I just want to cry.”

“When other parents drop my kids off, I just open the door wide enough for my kid to get in, Thank them, and close the door. What a loser, right?”

“I never let my kids have anyone over. I’m just too embarrassed.”

“I feel like I’m less of a woman.”

“What kind of woman can’t keep her house clean?”

stressIt’s stressful

Every day you walk into that mess, its like – UGH!

Its frustrating. The mess isn’t going to go away – it only gets worse.

As hard as you try to ignore it, it eats at you all of the time.

You snap at people. They yell back.

You feel tired and overwhelmed all of the time.

Instead of relaxing, you are constantly surrounded by stress. There is no calm in the storm.

You start every day tense.

yellingPeople behave badly in a dirty home

Yelling, screaming, swearing, talking back.

Dirty dishes everywhere, including under beds.

Sticky floors

No one picks up anything.

good momBe an Example for your kids

I see a lot of women complaining that no one picks up or pitches in. Its like they use that as an excuse to not clean.

Unfortunately, your actions speak louder than words to those around you. They see it as not being that important to you.

I made my daughter wait until I was done with my work before I would take her anywhere. It became clear that it was a good idea to help keep things clean.

With my daughter’s friends, they risked not being able to hang out at our house. They chose to pick up.

calm start to your dayHealth and well-being

It goes without saying that a clean home is healthier. But it also affects your mental well-being.

Because you’re living with less stress, you’re calmer, and nicer to be around.

Since you can start each day more relaxed, your performance and productivity increase substantially. You get more done. You even perform better at work.

It carries over to your kids. They behave better and get better grades in school. If started early enough, they make better choices in the friends they hang around with. They won’t feel like they have to stick with outcasts of society to be accepted like I did when I was a kid living in a home that embarrassed me.

You have more self confidence. You feel more accomplished and better about yourself. You’re proud of your home and more likely to have people over and socialize more.

You take better care of yourself.

You cook at home more. You eat healthier, lose weight and save money.

All because of a clean house?

Isn’t that crazy how your home affects your life? Who would have thought?

And it was because I saw so many women struggling that I put together Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak. Its the system that I used as a working single mom and clean freak to keep my house clean and still have time to have fun with my daughter. Check it out if you could use some help!

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