Don’t waste this (hopefully) once in a lifetime opportunity

spring clean the deck

You have been praying for this for years. It hasn’t happened quite the way we had envisioned, but – its here.


You’ve complained for years that you don’t have time. Your prayers have been heard. Now you do. You now have a month to get caught up on life. Its time for some extreme spring cleaning.

One neighbor told me her house has never been this clean. I saw another family starting to clean out the garage. Those poor people, it will take them a month!

Put yourself on a news diet – once a day is enough to stay informed. Let’s get productive!

Here are some things to accomplish while we have the time…

_____ Wipe out the cabinets and drawers

_____ Vacuum upholstery, including under the cushions

_____ Vacuum under and behind all furniture

_____ Vacuum mattresses

_____ Clean the vacuum

_____ Clean behind stove and fridge

_____ Clean and organize bath cabinet(s)

_____ Clean and organize linen closet

_____ Purge, clean and organize pantry.

_____ Clean and organize closets

_____ Clean and organize basement/storage areas

_____ Clean and organize garage

_____ Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans

_____ Wash walls

_____ Check all filters – water, furnace…

_____ Clean and organize laundry room

_____ Clean inside washer and dryer

_____ Clean dryer vent hose (behind dryer)

_____ Wash or clean window treatments

_____ Clean windows inside and out

_____ Wash bedding and pillows

_____ Wash winter clothing and put away

_____ Clean fans, air cleaners, dehumidifiers

_____ Wash all garbage cans, including outdoor ones

_____ Clean cars, inside and out

_____ Lawn care

_____ Clean gutters

_____ Power wash siding

_____ Prepare gardens for planting

_____ Clean grill

_____ Clean and treat deck

_____ Clean patio furniture

_____ Plant garden (after its warm enough)

Imagine how happy we will be when we come out the other side of this – and all this stuff is done!

We’ll be free to have people over (and not be embarrassed), free to go out, free to have fun.

Can’t wait!

In the meantime, Lets do this!

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