How Martha Stewart Hurts Women

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Beautiful dinner

You would think that since I am driven to have a clean house and cooking great tasting real foods and shoving them down everyone’s throat (just kidding…sort of…) – that I would love Martha Stewart. But I don’t. I hate her. Here’s why –

Its not real, and its not attainable.

Martha is a made up character for entertainment and of course, making lots of money.

She doesn’t clean and decorate her house and put out a fabulous 7 course dinner for 25 guests without breaking a sweat. No, she has staff.

Now I’m not taking away from the fact that she can cook fabulous meals. In her early days she ran a catering business.

But we are given the impression that Martha is some sort of saint who can master all domestic and run a high powered business – all with one hand tied behind her back.

And then women throw their hands up in despair because they can’t do it.

Of course you can’t. Not even Martha can. Not by herself.

Would you and your family and friends be happy in a clean, comfortable home with a delicious 3 course meal? I’m willing to bet the answer is an emphatic YES!

I just put out an Easter dinner for 12. Mostly simple foods, nothing ‘elegant’. It cost less than $50, and everyone loved it. (Hint – I have others bring the wine)

Where we got this idea that everything has to be all elegant and gourmet to be worth bothering is beyond me.

We live in such an extreme era. If I can’t afford the best furniture and foods, I’m just going to give up and live in a dung heap and serve fast food and mac n cheese. WTF? What happened to some middle ground? That’s where you’ll find the most happiness.

We hear all the time about unhappy rich people and celebs.

You can have what they cannot. A real down to earth life with family and friends that care about each other. Your little home can be filled with warmth, and good food, and laughter, and good times, and real life.

Value what you have, and do the most you can with it. I think a big part of our world’s problems today is in wanting more and more, and not appreciating what you do have.

It reminds me of the kid who has so many toys, but never appreciates them. The toys get thrown on the pile and they’re screaming for the next new toy.

And just for the record – by all accounts, Martha is pretty miserable most of the time, and miserable to be around. Not the best role model for families.

These days everyone is talking about unreal expectations. That’s only one part of the equation. The other part is being grateful for what you do have and appreciating it.

When we stopped appreciating is when the world took a turn for the worse.

Take what you have and make it the best it can be. Then come back here in a couple of weeks and tell me if you aren’t happier.

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