I solved the dinner boredom dilemma

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fajita vegetables

Isn’t it crazy how we have more time, yet we just don’t feel like cooking?

I went through that for a couple of weeks.

Then I started forcing myself to make something. We’ve got to do our best to stay healthy. But I still wasn’t inspired, which is sad because that is pretty much the highlight of my day when I can’t get outside.

But anytime I work on the recipe section in the member’s area, I suddenly want to make everything!

“Oh, that sounds good!”

“Oh, I haven’t made that in a while…”

I don’t care if I just ate – everything suddenly looks good.

I made Chicken Fajitas, chicken wraps, mostaccioli, and I think I might make some chili while its still cool up here. Oh, and I want to make chicken picante soon, and tuna casserole, and ….

And the good thing about our recipes is they are fast, easy, and delicious!

Members, login for inspiration…

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