Lets talk about what’s really scaring us

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feeling scared

Yes, the virus is scary. The fact that it has spread so quickly despite social distancing is a truly scary thing. The world looks like something out of a sci-fi novel.

We miss real human contact.

We miss our freedom.

We miss toilet paper.

We miss eating out.

But even all of that is not what’s really scaring us.

What’s really scaring us is-

that the world has gotten so perverse and evil that someone would actually create this thing…

that our future is uncertain…

that we will never be safe…

that our life will never be the same…

It probably won’t, but we don’t know what life will look like. The uncertainty is unnerving…

Will we have a job?

Will we be going back to an office – ever?

What about schools?

When will we be able to go out to eat?

Will our favorite stores and restaurants even be open?

Will the vaccine be safe?

Will we be forced to take the vaccine to return to normal life?

And there is this feeling that this is just the precursor of even worse things to come. Are we nearing the time of the “Mark”?

But there is some good –

Very little political coverage,

Gas prices are way down,

People are saving money,

People are learning to eat at home, (and hopefully getting healthier…)

The air is cleaner,

People are learning new skills,

People are spending more time with their family,

People are getting tired of screens,

People are happy to be able to take a walk,

We’re learning to appreciate the little things in life.

Life will probably never be quite the same – and maybe that’s a good thing.


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