Spring Clean Your Kitchen – week 4

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Spring Clean Your Kitchen 4

We’re working on spring cleaning your kitchen, a little at a time…

How’s it going so far?

How long has it been since your kitchen has been this clean?

This week we are going to tackle some gungier work. Sorry, it has to be done…

Look up – above the cabinets…

If you have an open space above your cabinets, I guarantee it needs to be cleaned.

Hey, at least we don’t fry everything anymore. Imagine what it looked like in days gone by! You’ve got it easy, believe me!

First, remove as much dust as possible. If you can get your vacuum hose up there, do that. Otherwise you can wipe with a damp rag, rinsing often as needed. You don’t want to feather dust and spew that dirt all over your kitchen.

Next, take a rag with Murphy’s, or Mr. Clean or Pinesol and clean it up! Remember, not too much water on the wood Wring the rag out well.

Since you have the ladder out anyway, this would be a good time to tackle any spots on the ceilings or upper walls, and your light fixtures.

I just did mine a couple weeks ago and got all the dirt and dead bugs out. Wouldn’t you know it, there’s a dead stink bug up there. These bugs are a menace! I had a live one that I flushed down the toilet, and it still released the stink! My porch reeks from these stinking bugs. Anyone know how to get rid of them without releasing the stink?

Anyway, that’s enough work for this week! We’re keeping our sanity by doing just a little at a time 🙂

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Want to get the whole house clean in just a few minutes a day?


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