Getting Worn Down?

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We all are.

Have you felt –

  • Like this will never end?
  • Like there’s nothing to look forward to?
  • Like there’s no point in getting up?

Is the house a disaster?

Are you eating whatever is fast and easy to shove in your mouth?

Are the kids acting out?

Its not just your house. Look at what’s going on in the world.

Everyone is feeling like trapped animals.

Look at the riots and protests.

Or how about people throwing all caution to the wind just to go out.

But it all got me to thinking…This is kind of how life used to be.

When I was young, we would go to our summer home in Arkansas. It was 17 miles to town. We were on a point. There was no place to go, at least not quickly.

We would get up and we would all have a good breakfast. Usually bacon, eggs and toast

Then we would clean up.

Then we would swim or amuse ourselves for a while.

Then it was time for lunch. Again, we would eat and clean up.

Then, back down to the lake.

Then it was time for dinner.

After eating and cleaning up, we would go for a walk around the point and maybe spend a little time at the park. That is a ritual I continued with my daughter – and now she takes the after dinner walk with her husband.

We didn’t go out to each much. We rarely went to movies. We didn’t have Internet and ipads and cell phones.

Even when we went back to school, life was still a series of rituals. It kept life stable and predictable.

We’ve become such a consumer society that we’ve forgotten how to just live life.

And now with school starting soon, this is a great time to re-establish rituals…(even if you don’t have kids at home)

  • Start creating bedtime rituals, and getting to bed earlier.
  • Have everyone get up and eat breakfast.
  • Have set meal times
  • Have fresh meals made with real food and more vegetables
  • Cut down on pop and sugar
  • Have everyone clean up after meals
  • Get out and get fresh air and exercise every day
  • Take time to notice

We’re always so busy rushing around or buried in our screens that we don’t take time to notice things – like the smell of flowers in the air, or the spectacular sunset, or the birds that hang out in your neighborhood, or the squirrels playing, or … well, a lot of things. We have chickens roaming our neighborhood lately.

You can build on this foundation as you go along. For now – just get started.

We always feel better when we do what we’re supposed to do. We feel better when –

  • The house is clean
  • We’ve eaten a healthy meal
  • We’ve gotten exercise

Yeah, all the things we put off doing. Funny how that works.

Its not exciting at first, but you’ll find that you like life a lot better once you get used to practicing good rituals. Life will feel more stable. Its probably the best thing we can do for our metal well being right now.

Control what you can.

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