I fell in the muck, and it wasn’t pretty

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scary times

This is a real soul sucking time, if you let it be…

I got sucked up in the funk.

  • A few days without a shower,
  • no makeup on
  • too much news,
  • too much Facebook,
  • icky weather,
  • can’t see anyone,
  • things piling up,
  • need to go to the store, but no shower and no makeup …
  • fear and negativity bubbling…
  • and on, and on, and on…


Its time to climb up out of the muck. In typical Carole style, it was time to brush off and attack the monster head on…

Turn off the TV, and put myself on a news diet. One newscast a day is enough.

Washed the bedding

Took a shower (pointless to get into a clean bed dirty and smelly)

Put on makeup because it makes me feel better – and I’m ready for anything, whether its running to the store or having to get on camera.

Got my taxes done and mailed. Yeah, I know they extended the deadline, but who wants that hanging over them for another couple months?

Get moving. Weather permitting, I take a walk. Otherwise its some sort of workout like a walking in place exercise or dancing. You can find tons on YouTube. And I work my biceps a couple times a week with my resistance band.

Eating well. Isn’t it amazing how we can have good food in the house, and all the time in the world – and not want to cook? What’s up with that? I’m making myself do it. I’m always happy afterward, but getting it going has been a struggle.

Keeping things picked up.

I strapped myself down and I’m working through some courses I bought a while ago.

“Crisis, along with its energies of uncertainty, discomfort, and the extraordinary, shakes up societal norms and everyday routines to reveal enlightening insights into what we value, what’s ultimately important, and what legacy we want to leave behind. We’re in a way ‘forced’ to tap into the core truths of who we are, do a stock-take of who we want to become, and pivot accordingly.”   – Tay and Val – Spiritual Life Coaches

Are you ready to climb out of the muck? What baby steps will you take to get back on course?


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