Spring Cleaning in one week

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Everything looks better through clean windows

I’m helping some friends out this week. They have had a horrendous year and really needed a break. They got a cabin and drove down, so they aren’t dealing with air travel or a resort situation.

While they are gone, I am staying at their lake house and dog sitting.

I’m also spring cleaning this house, but I only have one week. I want to get the most important stuff done.

First thing – I dusted the ceiling fans so they are not spreading dust all over the place.

Second, the windows are an important part of the atmosphere here. There is a wall of windows on each level that overlook the lake. It was nice the first few days I was here, so I was able to get those windows done inside and out.

I got the deck swept off. There are going to be storms, so I didn’t worry about much else outdoors.

Moving indoors –

I wiped down the leather furniture.

I wiped down the cabinet fronts.

I cleaned the silverware drawer and the fridge.

Next came window and door frames, and wiping down the doors. They don’t have window treatments in the main areas.

Then, wiping down all the wall pictures.

Then, spot clean walls.

Then, dusting figurines and shelves.

I will oil the wood furniture and vacuum and wash the floors after he picks up the dog.

You have to remember that spring cleaning is supposed to be the things you don’t do on a regular basis. In my own house, many of these things would be done regularly.

There are also things I would do in my own house, but I only have a week.

If you’re limited on time, you can use this as sort of a guideline to get the most important things done.

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